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  • "Cathy assisted Siemens Canada with three important marketing initiatives - the ‘refresh’ of Siemens’ corporate B2B branding campaign; the development/management of Siemens’ booth at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games; and the launch of Siemens Canada Engineering and Technology Academy. These initiatives were high-profile, complex and timely. Each involved many stakeholders in and outside of Siemens and all benefited from the deft touch of a senior marketer. Cathy has earned my confidence and trust. We continue to work together. Cathy is an ideal senior professional that both contributes to marketing strategy and then owns/leads the ensuing execution. I know her deliverables will be on-strategy and high quality. She works well (and independently) with all levels of internal resources. Cathy represents Siemens well to our customers. I would welcome any enquiries about working with Cathy."

    Ann AdairVP Communication and Strategy, Siemens Canada

  • "Cathy is someone you’d like on your team. She has the unique ability to bring projects to resolution in the quickest way possible with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed – all the while, building great networks across the organization, at every level. There has not been a project that Cathy has been unable to tackle and provide high-quality results. It’s my pleasure to work with her and to be able to recommend her."

    Susan ParkDirector Marcom, Siemens Canada

  • "Cathy’s association with us started in 1999. She is a respected contributor to our business."

    Bryan PearsonPresident and CEO, LoyaltyOne

  • "I’ve hired Cathy on a number of occasions. Regardless how big or small the challenge, Cathy always brought tremendous insight to the table that typically helped us over achieve our client’s expectations which ultimately led to more work. In my opinion, her knowledge and skill in the area of Loyalty marketing is unmatched in Canada. She’s TOP SHELF all the way!”

    Mike Da PonteCEO and Owner, BIMM

  • "It has been a true pleasure working with Cathy Tennant on the planning and execution of two major public events. Throughout both events, her level of enthusiasm and professionalism was exceptional. I look forward to working with Cathy again in the future!"

    Laura RodgerMarketing Communications Business Partner, Siemens Canada

  • “It is a pleasure to work with Cathy – she’s smart, intuitive and committed to high quality work – her approach is positive, energetic and creative.”

    Trish FonbergFormer VP Business Development, LoyaltyOne

  • “Cathy is an experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional. She’s incredibly organized and a team player. I highly recommend her for the quality of her work and her professionalism.”

    Jill McBrideFormer President, Forza Marketing

  • “We’ve been lucky enough to work with Cathy on a number of projects and would work with her again in a heartbeat. She is a delight. She’s smart and knowledgeable, so you know she’s going to bring great ideas to the table. She delivers beyond what’s committed, and on time. If Cathy’s working on it, you don’t need to give it another thought. She’s also warm and fun, and makes any project more fun.”

    Nancy BeattieFormer General Manager, TAXI

  • “Cathy was instrumental to our move towards strategic account management practices. I value her strategic counsel and highly recommend her.”

    Paul CourtemancheFormer VP Marketing, Alliance Data Retail Services

  • “I’ve worked with Cathy as a colleague -- and hired her to lead complex client project teams at COLLOQUY. On any of these projects, I’ve been thrilled with her attention to detail and ability to manage a wide array of data, people and resources. But, most important, Cathy adds tremendous value and insight to our final deliverables. With very little direction and oversight, Cathy jumps right in to get to the heart of each issue and figure out how to get things done and deliver great results at the same time.”

    Kelly HlavinkaFormer Partner Consulting Services, Loyalty One

  • “Cathy has brought three things to our team – knowledge of the loyalty industry, CRM thought leadership and a network of additional CRM experts. I value Cathy’s contribution, and would recommend her as positive, energetic contributor to the strategic process.”

    Ted BoydFormer CEO, 58Ninety

  • “Cathy is an incredible asset to any initiative. Her deep experience and passion in the area of CRM and her innovative and consultative approach make her a valuable partner to work with. Her ability to collaborate with teams and instill thought-provoking ways to approach a problem or a project allow for some very creative results that improve the work, the thinking and the eventual outcome. Would highly recommend Cathy in all instances as she’s been a tremendous and valuable asset on the initiatives that she’s been engaged to consult on.”

    Cybelle SrourFormer SVP Strategy and Insights, Proximity Canada

  • “Cathy is everything you would want in a consultant. She doesn’t just know her stuff, staying on top of what’s new and interesting within the CRM industry is a genuine passion. Any project she’s involved with becomes easier, better and more fun. I appreciate Cathy’s perspective and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

    Kathleen CollinsFormer Strategy Director, TAXI

  • “Whether we were working on general management issues or client deliverables for Victoria Secret, Cathy added valuable strategic perspectives.”

    Amy StevensonFormer Director Client Services, Alliance Data Retail Services

  • “When we wanted to understand the Canadian retail loyalty market we turned to Cathy. Her knowledge, experience and recommendations were vital to creating a customer relevant marketing strategy.”

    Stephanie SwainFormer VP, Value Proposition & Loyalty Marketing, GE Money

  • “Cathy’s great at understanding the big picture and developing long-term strategies. She knows what she wants and works hard to realize it. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

    Dave BurtonFormer co-Chair, National Retail Federation CRM Idea Exchange Group

  • “Cathy was initially hired for a few months as an Account Director for Bath and Body Works. She ended up contracting with Alliance for several years on this and other accounts. Cathy is truly unmatched in her CRM expertise, team leadership and client service. She set the bar high for other colleagues at Alliance. Until this day, she remains one of my most favorite people to work for and an all-time mentor. I’ll work again for (and with) Cathy at any time.”

    Zhenja IosilevichFormer Account Supervisor, Alliance Data Retail Services

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Cathy in several ways over the years – she’s been my supplier, my boss, and my colleague. And from all of those perspectives she was a team player and a true professional. Her attention to detail, exacting standards, and collaborative approach always ensured the highest quality deliverable. There is no challenge she can’t tackle – with positivity and a sense of humour to boot!”

    Julianne SmolaFormer Senior Manager, CRM, Hudson's Bay Company

  • “I worked with Cathy Tennant for years at Promanad Communications and also had Cathy on my team within an earlier business assignment we both shared. She is most impressive, consistently. She is very analytical, focused and so very intelligent. Can be counted on for marketing deliverables in all ways and is always well prepared. Cathy is very collaborative, cheerful, helpful and a great team leader. I recommend Cathy all these years later as a strong player, dedicated, a person of great integrity. She is intuitive and committed to the necessary goals of her team. She will see that the initial strategy set into play will success for everyone. She is a winner. Any business would appreciate Cathy on board.”

    Connie GorslineFormer Senior Production Manager, Promanad

  • “Cathy is a seasoned marketing consultant who has worked on projects with a multitude of large corporations. She’s organized, detailed oriented and a pleasure to work with.”

    JJ ThompsonPrincipal/Photographer, Media Needs Photography

  • “It was my pleasure to work with Cathy at a recent project with LoyaltyOne in Toronto. Given the challenges and complexity of the deliverables, Cathy’s insights as a project lead made her an indispensable asset to the team. She is a take-charge type of person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to all stakeholders. I would recommend Cathy to anyone who needs additional resourcing with their next Marketing, Communications or Advertising project.”

    Jonas LoodFormer Director Client Services, Prescient Digital Media