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I help brands achieve results by influencing customers’ perceptions and actions via customer-centric strategies. My clients and I strive to further their relationship with their existing customer. Drawing upon my general marketing, CRM and loyalty experience, I develop marketing strategies/plans, and then lead their creation into quality, integrated deliverables. My marketing consulting experience spans traditional, online and social media.

Here’s what I do well:

Marketing Consulting

Craft marketing strategy and plans for new and existing products/services (B2C, B2B and B2E)



  • Points corporate and partner marketing


Evolve greenfield concepts into marketing plans, and then actionable programs, and spearhead their in-market launch and growth



  • COLLOQUY Loyalty Awards “Colloquy Recognizes”

Create and implement customer-centric marketing strategies that leverage customer insight from data/research


  • Points campaign analyses/recommendations to partners

Lead the change management and marketing initiatives required for enterprise-wide internal initiatives


  • LoyaltyOne’s launch of GURU, its employee intranet

Research, analyze and provide POVs on global events/trends, including contribution to editorial


  • COLLOQUY white papers and other thought-pieces

Program Leadership

‘Program Leadership’ is where I orchestrate the delivery of complex multi-variable programs/projects, usually in the marketing arena. They can involve dozens of stakeholders, but not always. My clients rely on my experience and organizational strengths to ensure everything gets done well and on time.

Lead the development and execution of multi-disciplinary marketing deliverables with internal and external teams


Co-manage and run complex, high-profile, time-bound marketing initiatives


Lead the creation of corporate and strategic reports for senior global executives, involving dozens of stakeholders


  • Siemens Canada Strategy Handbook, Siemens Canada Business-to-Society Report


But wait, there’s more! 🙂

  • build relationships as a Client Service professional
  • help clients identify, pitch and secure new business
  • develop Strategic Account Management programs for internal training and adoption

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